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Are you ready to jet away on a much-needed holiday? Flight Centre is here to help you out. They are the travel experts who will get you wherever you need to go. Flight Centre has started regularly releasing the Flight Centre catalogue to let you know about the very best current Flight Centre deals. Rather than your standard Flight Centre sale brochure, these are guides towards visiting different countries. Find out about visiting New Zealand, Bali, and other intriguing destinations.

The Flight Centre catalogue December 2021, Flight Centre Catalogue is out now! The Flight Centre deals described in this edition are valid from 02/03/2021, so the best time to book in is now. The specials last from 02/03/2021 - 31/12/2021, so make sure that you plan and book your trip before the finish date. To read the latest Flight Centre catalogue, click here.

The Story of Flight Centre


Flight Centre has a storied past that all began in 1982. You may have assumed that Flight Centre began elsewhere because they have branches in the UK and Canada, but that’s not the case. The first-ever store opened up in Sydney, thanks to co-founders Graham Turner and Geoff Harris. Since then, they have developed and expanded, even involving themselves with other brands. These include BYOJet, StudentUniverse, and Aunt Betty. They operate numerous brands in New Zealand as well, including Travel Associates, Cruise About, and more.

Are you excited to plan your next trip? Head into Flight Centre to speak with a travel agent. These agents are highly knowledgeable about all of the best Flight Centre specials and hottest holiday destinations. You can find a Flight Centre near you in Sydney, Barangaroo and Pyrmont. Or, if you just want to browse around your options, check them out online at

Flight Centre is a unique brand all their own. They focus solely on all the aspects associated with travel.  If you want to see some different types of shops, here are the other brands that fall into the ‘Other’ category:  Autobarn, Baby Bunting, PET Stock, Petbarn, Repco, Specsavers, Supercheap Auto and Tupperware.

Nowadays, the perception is that you can book everything online yourself, so why would you use a travel agent? But that’s not true. Flight Centre operators are knowledgeable about all sorts of experiences that cannot be found or booked online. Let their travel agents advise you on what exciting activities you can do in each destination that you would never be able to dream up or organise yourself. They also have cruise experts on hand just for those who love to float around in a boat, checking out different countries. These people are cruise enthusiasts who can let you know all of the best cruise options and stops on your journey.

Find Fantastic Furniture at Flight Centre


Ready to book a flight to an exotic location? Flight Centre has you covered with all of your flying needs. Or you can pick up a Flight Centre voucher as a gift to remember for a loved one.

You can also book your accommodation and rental car through Flight Centre. These offerings are what make it a one-stop holiday shop—no need to book with numerous different companies online. Instead, rely on your travel agents, and they can make everything happen exactly the way you want it. You can even opt for one of their complete package deals that include flights, accommodation, and more.

If you want to be in the know about Flight Centre exclusives, read the Flight Centre catalogue December 2021, Flight Centre Catalogue , here.

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