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Imagine taking a dip in a swimming pool during hot summer days. Whether it's during get-togethers, parties or relay races, that would be a truly refreshing moment, right? Clarks Rubber is geared towards making your days (not only the hot summer days) a lot more fun and relaxing. 

The current Clarks Rubber catalogue Clark Rubber Catalogue embodies the perfect opportunity to get the pool you’ve been dreaming of at absolutely irresistible prices. A huge range of pool products and accessories is up for grabs at epic discounts and crazy offers. 

Keep in mind that these offers and discounts don’t last for long 23/04 - 12/05. Buyers are often quick to claim the products they need, as soon as the catalogues drop. Luckily for you, you have an opportunity to be the earliest bird. Download the Kimbino app now and get instant notifications when we publish Clark Rubber deals.


Store Information


Clark Rubber Clark Rubber is a master of pools and pool products. Having been in the industry since 1946, the store has refined its craft and is now synonymous with quality service and exquisite pool products. Even though it has changed ships several times over the years, the desire to give buyers nothing but the absolute best products has never changed. 

Under Edward Plowman’s stewardship, Clark Rubbers is writing new stories of customer satisfaction, thanks to the provision of top-notch pool products and accessories. If you want to get a firsthand feel for what this company can offer, you can visit one of their 60 stores across Australia. 

Whether you’re in Western Australia, Victoria, Southern Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, or the Australian Central Capital, there’s a store near you. Most of the stores open at 9:00 AM and close at 5:00 PM. If you’re a busy professional, check out the Clark Rubber website to marvel at the range of products.


Store Assortment


When it comes to things like pool, foam or rubber House & Garden, Clark Rubber is the undisputed number one specialist. The product range is meticulously curated to serve a diverse customer base without leaving any family type, hobbyists, tradies or commercial customers out. 

Whether you’re shopping around for portable pools, filters, pumps, robotic pool cleaners, pool accessories, water chlorinators, cleaners, or pool chemicals, look no further than Clark Rubber. Beyond that, Clark Rubber stocks a huge assortment of water toys, mattresses, foam, rubber, flooring, camping, and outdoor leisure products, to name a few. 

The products are handpicked from the top brands, including Intex, Road Gear, Onga, Fluidra, Zoggs, MyHub, Daisy, Maytronics, and LesuireScape, to name a few. Moreover, the products come in all sizes and shapes to suit your budget and family size.


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Most of Clark Rubber's discounts and offers come and go pretty fast. Thankfully, we’ve brought the Kimbino app to ensure you never miss a bargain. Download the app and get the Clarks Rubber catalogue as soon as they drop. 

The app cuts the number of paper catalogues you have to print. Doing so helps us in our mission to save the environment, and change the world in the process. Who needs to cram the handbag with paper catalogues? Not us, and we bet, this isn’t something you’re ready to put up with. 

Download the Kimbino app today and enjoy the convenience of the online catalogue, and save loads of money while doing it.



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