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Whether you’re a casual runner, hardcore gym bunny, or enjoy a good duathlon, Decathlon Australia is the place to go. The Decathlon store stocks loads of sports gear for all types of different activities. They are known for the regular Decathlon specials, as well as their range of items. There are always new Decathlon offers to take advantage of, including sale prices and new products. You can often find a discount code for Decathlon if you’re looking to buy their items for less.

Walk into a Decathlon Australia store and you won’t believe your eyes, as there are some insanely low prices and fantastic new gear displayed in there. Or head to Decathlon online to see what the newest deals are. Decathlon Seasonal Offer has specials that are valid from 01/07/2024. You’d better read it soon because the deals only last from 01/07/2024 - 31/07/2024. Want to save paper and read it online? Click here.

Decathlon Stores


Decathlon is a French brand that has more recently expanded into the Australian market. Michel Leclercq, a French billionaire, founded the brand in 1976. The first shop was opened in Lille, a town in France. Decathlon likes to keep its business up to date with the latest technology, so the very first store that was available to consumers in Australia was the online Decathlon store. Sixteen months later in 2018, the first physical Decathlon store in Australia opened its doors. They aim to foster a love of sports by making sporting goods available at a low price to their customers.

By January 2020, Decathlon stores could be found across the globe in countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain, China, Hong Kong, and India. There are now well over 1,500 stores worldwide. We are lucky to have 10 right here in Australia. These stores can be found in Sydney. Or simply shop at the original online store at to see the best Decathlon specials from wherever you are.

If you love Sport & Fashion stores, then you will fall in love with Decathlon. However, if you would like to visit some other stores offering similar products, you might consider heading over to Rivers, Anaconda, BCF, Rebel, Sports Power, Prouds The Jewellers, NIKE and EziBuy.

For more than 10 years now, the Decathlon Foundation has been giving back to the community. They connect their employees to non-profits or NGOs to help out in areas where people are going without. Whatever a community needs, Decathlon Australia aims to provide training so that communities get the coaches and teachers they require.

Decathlon Stocks All Your Favourite Sports Gear


You can find specialised Decathlon sports gear that they create themselves for all types of sports. They work hard to create items that suit both athletes and novices alike. B Twin and Aptonia cater to keen cyclists who want excellent gear for riding their bikes. Grab some shoes from their NewFeel brand or pick up some hiking gear from Forclaz. In the Nabaiji range, you can purchase goggles, towels, and swimsuits.

Decathlon is full of useful items for getting active. They have fitness clothing for men, women, and children. This includes footwear, t-shirts, socks, and more. You can also buy items for the outdoors such as trampolines, beach chairs, and hiking equipment. There’s so much more in store and they have items for almost any sport you can think of, so it’s definitely worth checking out this fantastic shop.

Want to see what Decathlon specials are on offer this week? Read Decathlon Seasonal Offer here.

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