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The Ultimate Savings With The Costco Catalogue

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Costco is unique in the Australian marketplace, and it’s all about savings and amazing prices. When you look at the latest Costco Catalogue you’ll see that Costco isn’t like any normal supermarket, with items sold in large quantities to ensure the best of the best prices.

Offering amazing deals on meat, groceries, household items, electrical goods, sporting equipment, jewellery and so much more, each Costco catalogue is packed full of discount deals and coupons that allow members to save massive amounts.

Find out what membership deals are inside the Costco catalogue for July 2024 we guarantee you’ll be impressed. The latest Costco catalogue is always available for browsing on the website

It’s always important to stay up to date with the latest deals and specials and get in quick. Costco deals are so cheap that they sell out fast! To access Costco specials you’ll need to sign up as a Costco Member. It’s this exclusive membership that makes the Costco system work so well. 

There are amazing specials in the Costco catalogue Australia Costco Catalogue - Treasure Hunt, valid during from Monday 01/07/2024 which can be found here.

Amazing Deals For Costco Australia Members


Costco is an American company that launched into the Australian supermarket scene to bring the best deals down under. The Costco focus is on moving large quantities of products at amazing prices, and they’ve slowly expanded, currently with 12 stores across the country. This does mean that Costco specials are limited to, or at least, most beneficial to those who can access the warehouses locally. 

The opening hours for most Costco warehouses is 10am to 8:30pm 7 days a week offering complete convenience for shoppers. Operating hours do vary between warehouses so it’s important to check. There are no online ordering or delivery services available at the moment, but there have been whispers of such a service being created. If you’re not yet a member and want to try it out, you can tag along with a friend or family member, although guest shopper numbers are limited. There’s also a trial if you don’t want to dish out for the entire year’s membership.

Wondering where is Costco in Australia? Casula, Lidcombe, North Lakes, Kilburn, Docklands and Epping There are currently four Melbourne Costco locations, one Adelaide Costco store, three Sydney Costco stores, one store in Perth, and one store in Canberra. While it’s not yet considered a market leader in Groceries within Australia, Costco is a powerful brand with a loyal and growing following that is hard to beat on price.

Want to join the Costco membership program but wondering how it compares to other similar stores? Aldi, Cellarbrations, Coles, First Choice, IGA, BWS, Liquorland, Foodland, Woolworths and Dan Murphy's. Be sure to check out the latest deals now July 2024 so you know what to expect and if Costco Australia membership is right for you.

Exclusive Costco Catalogue Australia Specials


One of the most exciting things about Costco specials is their exclusivity. Not everyone gets the chance to shop for such amazing discounts and deals.

For Costco members, the rewards are great, but just what types of products are available at Costco? If you can dream it, you can probably buy it at Costco. In each Costco catalogue, you’ll find an array of amazing goods, from electricals to sporting goods, jewellery, books, groceries, frozen foods, fresh foods and even appliances. It’s definitely worth checking out the Costco Catalogue - Treasure Hunt on the website so you don’t miss out.

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