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Easter 2023

The History of Easter Eggs

Easter is a popular holiday that has been celebrated by people around the world for many years now. Originally, it was a Christian holiday that celebrated the resurrection of Jesus after the crucifixion. However, the Bible fails to mention the Easter bunny or even Easter eggs! So, where did the traditions that we know and love about this holiday come from? In keeping with the biblical story, Easter is known as a holiday that’s all about new beginnings. In many parts of the world, it occurs in Spring, a time famous for its production of new life. Baby lambs come out to play, daffodils bloom, and plants thrive. As a baby bird hatches from an egg, the Easter egg was created as a symbol of life. Today, many people can’t survive Easter weekend without giving and receiving Easter eggs. These are traditionally given on Easter Sunday, the day that Christ was resurrected.

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Easter attractions from around the world

  • Easter attractions from around the world
    During Easter, people in the UK devote 10% of their yearly spend to chocolate products. The most sweets are sold during this time every year.
  • Easter attractions from around the world
    Americans send out about 43 million Easter greetings to their family and friends each year - whether purchased or handmade.
  • Easter attractions from around the world
    Residents of Bermuda fly hand-made kites every year on Good Friday.
  • Easter attractions from around the world
    In Finland, children disguise themselves as witches and then walk the streets asking passers-by for eggs.
  • Easter attractions from around the world
    In Israel, where Jesus was allegedly crucified, people traditionally march on the same path that Jesus took on the day of the crucifixion.

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